Shadows of Blue – Tarago River

Tarago Shadows of Blue
Shadows of Blue by Tarago River
1.8kg wheel
Australia’s favorite soft blue cheese. Made using cream-enriched whole milk, this rich, luscious cheese has a soft, creamy texture and distinctive, mild, sweet blue mould flavour; a very dependable Brie cheese eaters blue. Like the “Triple Cream Cheese” the cultures grow quickly in the warm, rich, creamy milk producing a firm, chalky cheese. The Roqueforti mould cultures break this down to a soft texture and mild, full flavour. This light soft blue cheese is best enjoyed as a table or platter cheese and served with dried fruit and fig and walnut bread. Whatever, try it with a light sweet wines to match and contrast with the creamy saltiness of Shadows of Blue.

Shadows of Blue – Tarago River 200g - $10 per portion (for multiple portions adjust the quantity  in the shopping cart)

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