Artisan’s Table Chilli & Coriander Chevre

Made by hand at Gippsland Cheese, with freshly cut chilli, coriander, ginger and garlic in our grapeseed oil marinade. This flavour combination bring mild heat and complementary flavours to our super creamy goat chevre.

Made by us at Gippsland Cheese, we’ve blended freshly chopped chilli, coriander, ginger and garlic, with our creamy goat cheese, in a grapeseed oil marinade. The result has a mild shot of heat (the cheese is our hero!) with lovely complementary flavours. Stocked in 200g tubs and 340g jars for retail sale or 2kg buckets for food service.

Artisan’s Table Herbes De Provence Chevre

Hand made by our team at Gippsland Cheese, our Artisan’s Table Herbes de Provence Chevre is made by hand rolling goat cheese in our freshly cut herb mix and marinating in grapeseed oil.

Our herb recipe was inspired by the classic French ‘Herbes de Provence’ with a blend of Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Sage, Parsley, Rosemary and Lavender. The resulting marinated chevre has a delicate aroma of fresh herbs with a lovely clean finish.

French Provincial style herb recipe enhances the smooth, creamy characteristics of our local goat chevre. Stocked in 340g jars or 200g tubs for retail sale or 2kg buckets for food service.

Artisan’s Table Marinated Chevre

Made by hand by our team at Gippsland Cheese, Artisan’s Table Marinated Chevre is made by marinating goat cheese cubes in grapeseed oil with thyme, peppercorns, garlic and a bayleaf.

The result is an amazingly delicate and subtle flavoured chevre with a marinade perfect for salads or crunchy seeded toast.

Marinated in grapeseed oil with peppercorn, thyme and garlic, our original goat chevre recipe highlights the smooth, subtle flavours of using farmhouse goat cheese. Stocked in 200g tubs and 340g jars for retail sale or 2kg buckets for food service.

Artisan’s Blue 1.2kg wheels

Artisan’s Table black waxed ‘Artisan’s Blue’ consists of a soft textured blue mould cows milk cheese made exclusively for us by a small farmhouse cheese maker in Northern Victoria. It has a subtle blue flavour, courtesy of Pencillium Roqueforti, delivered within a soft and creamy cheese texture.

The cheese is allowed to set for about a week before being wrapped with wax and needled to promote blue mould growth. We commence reviewing the cheese for release at approximately 4-5 months and look for good blue growth with a retained creamy finish. Wrapping the cheese in wax assists to maintain moisture and structure however their is a lovely, delicate sweetness in this cheese that we find continuously impressive.

A soft, slightly sweet, wax wrapped blue mould cheese with a smooth palate and texture.

Artisan’s Table Natural Wafers 100gm

Our Artisan’s Table Natural Wafers are the easy and versatile addition to any cheese platter. They are strong enough to hold all cheese types but have a clean natural flavour, allowing the cheese to be king.

These wafers are Australian made and locally sourced.

Artisan’s Table Natural Wafers are a perfect accompaniment to any cheese platter. With their neutral flavour and strong lines, they can hold the boldest cheese without over powering the cheese itself. After all, the cheese should be the king.