Cendre Royale 500g wedge

From the Jura Mountains in the Alpine region of France, this is a mild, young, pliable, full cream cow’s milk cheese with a vein of ash running through the wheel.


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Cendre Royale is an aromatic and surprisingly mild French cow’s milk cheese defined by the dark vein of ash streaking through its middle. This cheese is a pasteurised version of the famous Morbier, aged less than 8 months. The original use of the ash was a result of the cheese maker not wanting curds that didn’t complete full wheels of cheese to go to waste. Ash was added on the top of curds from unfinished wheels and then topped with more curd from new milk coming through in the next batch of cheese making to fill the cheese moulds completely. Over time this process has morphed into it’s own cheese and it’s now asked for by name. Little cracks on the side of the wheels are a sign of a soft cheese with a fruity, creamy flavour.

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France – Burgundy