Jensen’s Red Washed Rind

Jensen’s Red is an intensely flavoured and expertly crafted Farmhouse washed rind cheese from Tarago River Cheese Company in Neerim South.


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Jensen’s Red, named after cheese maker Laurie Jensen, is an intense, full flavoured wash rind cheese that continues to mature and develop long past it’s best before date. The cheese is matured for around 2 months whilst being routinely smeared with a light brine solution that assists to propagate the growth of Brevibacterium Linen – a surface culture present in the rind of white mould cheese. This strongly promotes the intensity of flavour that washed rind cheeses are known for. The wash helps to keep the cheese moist and supple in texture. As it ripens this can become increasingly soft and ‘bulgy’, however not runny.

Washed or smear rinded cheeses are well known for their stinky nature, some find them overpowering! With a unique and complex paste, the sensation of flavour make this one of Australia’s most popular in this category.

Make sure you pair this with other similarly strong accompaniments such as sour cherries or a very full bodied chardonnay.

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Tarago River Cheese Company


Gippsland – VIC