Cheese Accompaniments

Elevate your cheese platter with paired flavours such as dried or glace fruits, pastes and wafers.

  • Fruit Pastes

    Fruit Pastes

    There are few things better matched to an incredible cheese than a thin slice of fruit paste, perfectly balanced, on a wafer or crispbread.
  • Glace Fruit

    Glace Fruit

    A result of poaching in sugar syrup until fully preserved, these glace fruits, made in Italy and packed by us, provide a further level of complexity.
  • Dried Fruit

    Dried Fruit

    The perfect accompaniment to a cheese platter can continue to elevate amazing flavour profiles and create new taste experiences. We've selected some of our favourites.
  • Wafers and Crackers

    Wafers and Crackers

    Whether utilised as a 'platform for cheese' or to add a further subtle flavour into the equation, no cheese platter is complete without the perfect wafer or cracker. Ours are locally sourced bringing the farm to your plate.