Artisan’s Table Whole Cranberries

Paired perfectly with a double or triple cream cheese, the sweetness of these whole cranberries balances the high creamy, buttery hit so that they can be enjoyed to their maximum. The centre of the cranberries are sweet and intense, with the natural internal oils helping to break down the cream in these delicious cheeses.


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Bringing a cheese platter to life is more than adding a few plain crackers and pastes. Matching dried fruits to specific cheeses can elevate any platter with ease. Theses whole dried cranberries are a simple addition to really creamy and buttery flavours with their natural oils assisting to break down the high solids content of these cheese type.

At Gippsland Cheese, we’re all about elevating great local cheeses with selected accompaniments that we know can add an extra dimension to every day flavours. These cranberries are grown and dried in the USA.

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