Shadows of Blue

Made on the farm by Tarago River Cheese company, Shadows of Blue is a double cream blue cheese, wrapped in natural bees wax and aged for 2 – 3 months. Perfect for those that don’t eat a lot of blue cheese, it’s paste is perfect for spreading, and it’s flavour profile is mild and very approachable.


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Product Description

Shadows of Blue is a light and smooth flavoured blue cheese wrapped in natural bees wax. It’s made with double the amount of cream of a traditional blue cheese and is waxed early in the ripening process to control the balance of sweet and pungent flavours. As a result it’s a super creamy blue cheese that is very accessible to those that don’t eat a lot of blue cheese or are recently starting their blue cheese journey. The mould used in this cheese is a similar, more delicate strain, to that of Roquefort, imported from Italy and produces mellow buttery flavours.

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1.8 kg half round, 150g portions

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Tarago River Cheese Company

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Gippsland – VIC