Tarago River Gippsland Blue

Made on the farm by Tarago River Cheese company, Gippsland Blue is a creamy, smooth flavoured and well structured naturally rinded blue cheese. Based on the original Gorgonzola recipe and adapted to suit Australian milk qualities, this farmhouse cheese highlights the unique provenance of the Gippsland region.


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Gippsland Blue was the first blue cheese made by Tarago River Cheese Company more than 30 years ago, originally fashioned in the style of the grand Italian blue vein, Gorgonzola Dolce. Over time it’s developed into an Australian tradition for its complexity and unique characters from the one-farm milk that Tarago River Cheese bring to it. It is matured in underground cellars to best simulate the cave like conditions that the starter cultures originally evolved in.

It is a naturally rinded cheese (without wax) and matures to a soft, runny texture with a full and slightly astringent flavour, yet still sweet and buttery on the palate. The aggressive yeast and mould cultures liberate aromatics and deliver a pungent bouquet over 8-10 weeks ripening. We know the cheese is perfectly ripe when we can feel a consistent softness through the body of the wheels which result in a œmedium€ strength blue with a creamy full flavour.

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